The Puppet Groove

This mixed Puppet- and 2D-animationfilm (4′:30″) describes the stage performance of a band performing a song about their own history during negotiations with the music publisher.

Handwerkliche Arbeit an den Puppen im Atelier.

Einzelteile der Puppen und skizzierte Mundphasen.

The film is created as a free project. Script, drafts, puppet construction, animation and music are created by the artist himself.

The puppets of the live band, made from hand sketches, are painstakingly assembled from a wide variety of materials.

Einzelteile des Drummers

Der Drummer Steward an seinem fertigen Set.

Many parts have to be constructed so that they can move for the animation. And the live stage is also constructed from various components.

Several months of tinkering pass before the first movement of the puppets can be animated.

Arbeit an der Bühne, Zurechtsägen von Kleinteilen, Bemalung des Schlagzeugs

Billy der Bassist fertig gebastelt

Bassist Billy im Scheinwerferlicht auf der Bühne.

Bass player “Billy” warming up … and in stage action.

Arbeiten am Bühnenlicht.

Billy am Bass und daneben die reale Vorlage.

Just as carefully, the lighting is adjusted for an authentic stage atmosphere. The right timing for the frame-by-frame animation is created using real recorded guitar grooves.

Here Sofie counts out the positions of the guitarist’s arms and hands for the shooting schedule (X-Sheet).

Arbeiten am Drehplan.

Here the positions of the puppets are checked again.

Justierung der Puppen auf der Bühne.



The content of the song lyrics sung in gibberish is played on a screen in the background of the stage as a cartoon. It tells the story of the band when they are introduced to a music producer.

The producer promises the band fame and success in the spotlight. Under certain conditions …