Bärbel, Egon & Co …

In the animated comic strip “HanisauLand” (Hipharpigland), three animal species try to build a democracy after a long war. Of course, this doesn’t go off without a fight. For this purpose, the entire “HanisauLand” world was designed and continued weekly with a new interactive comic episode. Politically incisive terms in the texts are linked to the “HanisauLand” lexicon.


The stories, commissioned by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and conceived in collaboration with the German book author Peter Brandt, revolve around political topics and terms, presented in a fun way. Initially developed as a pure “soap,” the serialized stories are now regularly continued with thematically narrower and more complete episodes.


After more than 170 new episodes with about 40 animated pictures each were published roughly monthly from March 2002 to March 2017, shorter episodes will be posted every Monday starting in April. Production has been switched from Flash to HTML5.




Presentations of the HanisauLand comic are held regularly at the book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt each year, followed by a book signing at the bpb booth.

(Photo 1: ©Peter Brandt / Photo 2: © Michael Schick, Frankfurter Rundschau)