Killing Heinz

The animated film “Killing Heinz”, made in traditional foil animation technique and awarded with numerous prizes, tells the story of a man’s way home, who has rented an exciting video shortly before. On the way, he survives all kinds of disasters until he finally – arriving home – meets a horrible end.



The short film (3’20”) received the rating “BESONDERS WERTVOLL” (Especially Valuable) from the Wiesbaden Film Evaluation Office and screened at most internationally renowned animation film festivals. In the process, it received numerous awards, including:

2nd Audience Award at the Stuttgart International Animated Film Festival, Germany,

Animation Prize “Targu Mures”, Romania,

Special Prize “Dong-A”, International Festival of Comic and Animation in Seoul,

Nomination for the “Cartoon D’Or”,

Preselection “Mike Gribble-Award”, International festival du film d’animation, Annecy



Killing Heinz was made traditionally under a 16mm camera and got by with a short storyboard scribbled on 2 sketchbook pages. What makes this film special is the use of distorted background graphics and tracking shots, as used today under the term “360-Degree Video”.