… awarded with the media prize 2019!

Quote from the jury:
“The website and the app “Hanisauland” claim to explain politics for children. This is done in the form of comics, games, encyclopedia entries and calendar entries as well as texts on backgrounds and current developments. The editorial team succeeds in reducing the complex interrelationships of politics to an understandable level and presenting them in a way that is suitable for children. The comic design helps ensure that children enjoy browsing through the information, notice important information, and enjoy searching for new content.”



… is the children’s website of the Federal Agency for Civic Education. On its behalf, the entire corporate design of the website was created for this purpose and has been permanently developed over the past 15 years. As a member of the editorial team, this is done in close coordination with all the specialist editors.


The interactive Comic with its more than 1500 pages and 160 episodes and accompanying projects such as an interactive map, a museum and the Making-Of form a core element of the homepage. The same applies to the “Lexicon,” which explains more than 900 terms related to politics easily for children between the ages of 8 and 14 – with far-reaching participatory functions to involve the children.


In the “Special” section, key topics from politics and society are presented in dossier form in a way that is suitable for children and rich in images and illustrations. In addition, children are offered “Games,” “Movie Tips and Book Tips,” and a “Calendar” with important events and personalities.


The “Info” section developed for children has since been supplemented by the “School” and “Parents” sections to give the respective target groups guidance on the now extensive material relating to HanisauLand.