Making Of  – The EU – 360°

The HanisauLand illustration “The European Union” was further developed into a virtual 360-degree tour on the occasion of the European elections in 2019. A detailed report has been published in the magazine “Digital Production”.

The article can be read here.

You can read the magazine here …

From the Poster to the virtual 360-degree tour:

First, a comprehensive concept for “rooms” of the seven institutions with their numerous info hotspots was developed.

Then, for the implementation in the 3D software, we decided on a reduced “cartoon shading” adapted to the template motif.

After the 3D modeling of all “rooms” and objects, a suitable camera was positioned for each panoramic view.

The people – including their distortions – were then drawn over the 7 panorama illustrations using stitch software.

The finished illustrations were then provided with hotspots at the info points in a panorama tour software …

… and exported as a 360-degree VR application. The detailed Making-of article is available here.